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1981 Toyota Soarer Brochure

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Aircon Compressor Rebuild

Removing condenser bracketry

Condenser bracketry

Prepping for spray painting.

New and old condensers.

Moving across the service valves to the new compressor.

New compressor installed.

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Aircon Condenser Rebuild

If you can't buy it, you have to rebuild it.

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Aircon Rebuild

Heater core rebuilt with new seals..

Cleaning out the AC unit. So many leaves, and so much dust.


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Air Intake Rebuilt

Cleaned and ready.


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Backseat Rebuild

All the back seat parts disassembled for cleaning

The back seat restored with stacks of Lanolin grease and Connolly Hide Care.

Begin installing everything

Back in place.

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Bonnet Install

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Brake Bias / Proportioning Valve - Install


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Brake Bias / Proportioning Valve - Rebuild

Acquired the Muscle Car Research Kelsey-Hayes Multi-Make Proportioning Valve Seal Kit.

The Piston Seal and U-Cup in this kit match the ones found inside the proportioning valve PN 4719014020.

The Piston Seal ID 0.3 in OD 0.5 in

The U-Cup Seak ID 0.25 in OD 0.5 in

Here is a comparison of the old and new seals. Old original seals are on the left.

The prop valve disassembled.

The copper crush washers are ID 11/16in OD 7/8in height 1mm.


These seals should also suit the Proportioning valves found in the following car models.

Market Date range Model Frames/Options
N. America 08/1979-06/1983 TOYOTA COROLLA AE71E,TE72E
Europe, General 08/1981-08/1983 TOYOTA CARINA TA6*,CA60
Europe, General 08/1977-06/1981 TOYOTA CELICA TA40B,RA40B
Europe, General 08/1981-11/1985 TOYOTA CELICA AA63,TA60,SA63,RA6*,MA61
N. America 08/1981-11/1985 TOYOTA CELICA RA6*,MA61
Europe, General 01/1982-06/1999 TOYOTA CORONA FR CT14*,RT14*,ST141,TT14*,YT140
Europe, General 08/1988-07/1996 TOYOTA CRESSIDA GX81,LX80,MX8*,RX8*
Japan 02/1981-11/1985 TOYOTA SOARER GZ10,MZ1*
Japan 09/1979-06/1983 TOYOTA CROWN GS11*,LS11*,MS11*,RS110
Europe, General 09/1979-06/1983 TOYOTA CROWN RS110,MS11*,LS110
Japan 10/1982-08/1987 TOYOTA CENTURY VG40
Japan 08/1980-09/1984 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ4*
Europe, General 08/1980-03/1986 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ4*,HJ47,FJ4*
N. America 08/1980-09/1984 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ42,FJ40
Japan 08/1980-07/1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ6*,FJ6*,HJ6*
Europe, General 08/1980-07/1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ60,HJ6*,FJ6*
N. America 08/1980-07/1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ60,HJ60,FJ6*




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Brake Bleeding

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Brake Lines Installed

Main brake lines installed


Installed the ABS


All the fiddly parts at the bottom.

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Brake Master Cylinder Bleed and Install