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Still Exists

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Registration Day

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Proof of Life


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Heat Managment

CAD - Cloth Aided Design.

Heat Shield.

Intake Pipe Kit from Raptor Racing.

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Under wraps

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Rear Speakers - Working

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Iginition Lead Origami and Remaining Tasks

  • Make and install heat shield for the TRUST header.
  • Install the Raptor Racing intake.
  • Install the battery isolation switch.
  • Figure out the fuel level sender issues (is it back to working now?).
  • Fix the bonnet, so it sits flush and also so that the windscreen washers fire properly.
  • Fix the fitment of the drivers side fender so it doesn't rub when the driver's door is opened and closed.
  • Figure out why the door control solenoid is acting up (is it that the switch in the drivers side door is not working, or is it just the wrong unit?)
  • Install the rear speakers.
  • Install new P/S rack and pump.
  • Redo all the suspension (is it possible to recondition the TEMS inserts?).
  • Redo all brake components (rotors and calipers).
  • Figure out why the EMV only works intermittently.
  • Get the air conditioner regassed.
  • Rebuild the drivers side door card.
  • Figure out and install the fog lights (how do they turn on?).
  • Install rear windscreen and headlight washers.
  • Get the rear FRP bump stops painted.
  • New fluids.
  • Install any missing rubber seals and electrical cable conduits.

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Exhaust - Install

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Engine Bay - Before and After