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Air Intake Rebuilt

Cleaned and ready.


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Aircon Rebuild

Heater core rebuilt with new seals..

Cleaning out the AC unit. So many leaves, and so much dust.


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Brake Lines Installed

Main brake lines installed


Installed the ABS


All the fiddly parts at the bottom.

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Fuel Tank Rebuild

Old, not so bad looking fuel pump.

Old fuel pump removed.


New fuel pump installed

Tank rebuilt with all new gaskets

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Garage State

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Windscreen Wiper Bar Prep

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Tail Rebuilt

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Courtesy Switch

New parts, installed.


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Mirrors Rebuilt

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Broken Mirrors

Trying to get a set of unbroken mirrors is difficult

All the mirror brackets seem to be broken in the same place.

Attempting to fix with superglue and putty.

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Transmission Cooler Line

Built a new flexible transmission cooler line.

Details (for 2 hoses):

3m of this AN6 hose

2m of 10mm Armourflex

2 x AN6 90 degree teflon hose ends

2 x AN6 Straight teflon hose ends

2 x AN6 male to M16x1.5

2 x AN6 male to Barb


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Yet to find a Soarer patch, got a Toyota one though.