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Oxygen Sensor

Installed a new oxygen sensor.

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Door Handles

Door handles cleaned with autosol and never-dull and then re-installed.

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The side mirrors on the MZ12 are a bit of pain. They were only ever made for xZ1x soarers, and then only the ones that didn't come with fender mirrors.

There are lots of potential points of failure for these mirrors.

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More Cleaning

There are a lot of similarities between rebuilding a car, and doing the dishes.

Soaking in wool wash and simple green.

The best thing for cleaning before reassembling is Plexus plastic cleaner.

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Engine Bay - Progress

Under wraps.


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MZ12 Badges

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More Wiring

Main battery wiring all in place.

Underdash passenger side wiring in place.

Underdash driver's side wiring all in place.

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Wiring Fusebox

Wired in the fusebox and ignitor today.

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TRUST Header Install

New gasket after prepping with acetone.

Needed to modify the power-steering pump bracket to fit above the new header.

TRUST Header installed.

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TRUST Header Preparation

Ordered the TRUST header 5/6MGE 10510550 and combiner 11010001 from FortyOne Automotive in NZ. Took a while to manufacture and eventually arrive.

But this is what it looks like.

Unfortunately it got a bit scuffed during shipping. So i gave it a touch up coat of VHT flameproof blue.

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Tail Lights Installed

Put in as much new rubber as possible. Made new rubber washers and gaskets.

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Tail Light Gaskets

Unfortunately they don't make tail light gaskets for the Soarer anymore, and any that you can find are now 30 years old. This means you will have to make your own. You will need some rubber, 3mm EPDM rubber or similar, a knife and a set of punches (for making the holes).

Make a template with the old gasket

Gasket template.

Fitting the new gasket.