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New Car Horns

The old car horns were looking a bit shabby so I got some nice new ones, from here.

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Dash Wiring Installed

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Rebuilt Auto Shifter

Two disassembled shifters

Rebuilt shifter on the right, spares on the left.

Shifter installed.

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Rebuilt AFM

Comparison on an old AFM (bottom) with a cleaned and rebuilt AFM (top).

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Cleaning Day

Parts rinsing after being soda blasted.

Clutch fan installed

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Crankshaft Bolt Install

Removing the old crankshaft bolt required the SST numbers: 0933000021 and 0921370011 and a breaker bar to get the old bolt moving.

Bolt is removed. Everything looks clean and ready for the fresh bolt part number: 9010518003

The new Bolt needs to be torqued to 159ftlb.

Finished with a new crankshaft bolt installed.

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Engine Loom

Rebuilt and installed the engine loom today. Replaced the old Denso connectors with GM ones.

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Plans for Sprint Week

One week to get as much done on the MZ12 as I possibly can.


  • All electric cabling, cleaned, tested and installed
  • All brake lines installed
  • All engine coolant lines and radiator installed
  • All underhood electric components cleaned and installed
  • All underdash electrical components tested and installed, including fuse boxes
  • Underdash AC and Heater units rebuilt and installed
  • Side mirrors installed
  • Roof header installed
  • Carpet and rear seats installed
  • Window trim installed
  • Windscreen wipers, horn and washers work
  • Driveshaft installed
  • Install exhaust
  • Fuel tank rebuilt and installed
  • Fill engine with oil


Stretch Goals:

  • Engine turns over for first time
  • Bumper bars rebuilt and installed
  • Windscreens, front and rear installed
  • Rear lights installed
  • Dashboard completely rebuilt and installed
  • External trim installed


Days Plan:

  • Cleaning Day - Soda blast everything, and paint any brackets or miscellaneous pieces.
  • Wiring day - Check and clean all the wiring, rebuild the engine harness with new connectors
  • Fetch day - Get as many necessary spare parts from the MZ11 as I can

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Engine - Installed

Freeing the engine from the engine stand.

Flywheel attached, ready for the transmission

Torque converter installed. Takes ages to fill with ATF Dextron.

Transmission mounted to the engine.

Trying to fit the engine into the car. This took hours.



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Tetris - Single Car Garage Mode

Moving my engine stand and hoist into alignment so I can take the engine off the stand.

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Power Steering Pump Installed

Got around to rebuilding and installing the power steering pump this weekend.

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Power Window Motors - Installed

Power window motor cleaned

Power Window Motor Installed