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Good start!

It's going well

Still needs more work though

None yet...

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Wiring - Removal

Finished the removal of the wiring loom this evening. There must be about 10Kg of wiring loom in total. I wonder if there is some way to simplify this?

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Firewall Blanket and Distributor - Installed

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Rear Windscreen Wiper - Removal

How to remove the rear windscreen wiper.

This is the rear windscreen wiper as it appears.

Pop the cap on the base of the wiper arm with a small screwdriver. Underneath, there is a nut which be removed with a 10mm ring spanner.

Remove the housing that recesses into the window with a pair of long nose pliers. The arm will pop off when this housing has been raised high enough.

The end result.

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MZ12 in Motor Magazine

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Power Window Motors - Installed

Power window motor cleaned

Power Window Motor Installed

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Power Steering Pump Installed

Got around to rebuilding and installing the power steering pump this weekend.

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Tetris - Single Car Garage Mode

Moving my engine stand and hoist into alignment so I can take the engine off the stand.

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Engine - Installed

Freeing the engine from the engine stand.

Flywheel attached, ready for the transmission

Torque converter installed. Takes ages to fill with ATF Dextron.

Transmission mounted to the engine.

Trying to fit the engine into the car. This took hours.



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Dash Wiring Installed

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Door Handles

Door handles cleaned with autosol and never-dull and then re-installed.

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1981 Toyota Soarer Brochure