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Front Bumper - Install


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Brake Speed Bleeding

After installing Russell Speed Bleed 639570 one way valves. Bleeding the brake lines was really simple. Put on the socket wrench, attach the hose to the bleeder, crack the valve open, pump the brake pedal 10 times, top up the brake fluid, collect the old fluid, close everything back up again.


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Brake Bias / Proportioning Valve - Install


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Brake Bias / Proportioning Valve - Rebuild

Acquired the Muscle Car Research Kelsey-Hayes Multi-Make Proportioning Valve Seal Kit.

The Piston Seal and U-Cup in this kit match the ones found inside the proportioning valve PN 4719014020.

The Piston Seal ID 0.3 in OD 0.5 in

The U-Cup Seak ID 0.25 in OD 0.5 in

Here is a comparison of the old and new seals. Old original seals are on the left.

The prop valve disassembled.

The copper crush washers are ID 11/16in OD 7/8in height 1mm.


These seals should also suit the Proportioning valves found in the following car models.

Market Date range Model Frames/Options
N. America 08/1979-06/1983 TOYOTA COROLLA AE71E,TE72E
Europe, General 08/1981-08/1983 TOYOTA CARINA TA6*,CA60
Europe, General 08/1977-06/1981 TOYOTA CELICA TA40B,RA40B
Europe, General 08/1981-11/1985 TOYOTA CELICA AA63,TA60,SA63,RA6*,MA61
N. America 08/1981-11/1985 TOYOTA CELICA RA6*,MA61
Europe, General 01/1982-06/1999 TOYOTA CORONA FR CT14*,RT14*,ST141,TT14*,YT140
Europe, General 08/1988-07/1996 TOYOTA CRESSIDA GX81,LX80,MX8*,RX8*
Japan 02/1981-11/1985 TOYOTA SOARER GZ10,MZ1*
Japan 09/1979-06/1983 TOYOTA CROWN GS11*,LS11*,MS11*,RS110
Europe, General 09/1979-06/1983 TOYOTA CROWN RS110,MS11*,LS110
Japan 10/1982-08/1987 TOYOTA CENTURY VG40
Japan 08/1980-09/1984 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ4*
Europe, General 08/1980-03/1986 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ4*,HJ47,FJ4*
N. America 08/1980-09/1984 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ42,FJ40
Japan 08/1980-07/1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ6*,FJ6*,HJ6*
Europe, General 08/1980-07/1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ60,HJ6*,FJ6*
N. America 08/1980-07/1987 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER BJ60,HJ60,FJ6*




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Brake Bleeding

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Grille - Install


Looks Good!

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Cusco Strut Tower Bar - Install

Installed Cusco 180 510 A Strut Tower Bar.

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Bonnet Install

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Brake Master Cylinder Bleed and Install


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Stereo Install

Original Stereo Wiring Diagram

Molex Wiring from Car Loom to Stereo Loom

More Molex connectors

FM band expander, to get Australian Fm frequencies

Wiring the auxillary connection into the ashtray.

Stereo with lights.



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Cold Air Intake