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Firewall Blanket and Distributor - Installed

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MZ12 in Motor Magazine

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MZ12 Dimensions



A scan showing the dimensions of a MZ12.
Basic Dimensions:
Width: 1695mm
Length: 4675mm
Wheel Base: 2660mm

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Wiring - Removal

Finished the removal of the wiring loom this evening. There must be about 10Kg of wiring loom in total. I wonder if there is some way to simplify this?

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Rear Windscreen Wiper - Removal

How to remove the rear windscreen wiper.

This is the rear windscreen wiper as it appears.

Pop the cap on the base of the wiper arm with a small screwdriver. Underneath, there is a nut which be removed with a 10mm ring spanner.

Remove the housing that recesses into the window with a pair of long nose pliers. The arm will pop off when this housing has been raised high enough.

The end result.

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1981 Toyota Soarer Brochure

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Good start!

It's going well

Still needs more work though

None yet...