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EMV to LCD - Part 1



There seems to be 2 circuit paths:
One that takes R-Y, B-Y, G-Y and Y and then matrices the Y into the R-Y, B-Y, G-Y. This is done apparently so that the amount of Y added can be adjusted per colour. The output of this circuit goes into the R, G, B pins on the electrode gun. There are two more pins for earth and a heater?
The other takes the Sync and Power. There appear to be 3 syncs. SY, DH, DV. These are used to control the CRT deflectors.

Feeding RGB + Ground from the CRT circuit and SY from the Input into the RGBS input of the converter produced no result. But I could have ruined up the CRT circuit when I was removing it.

EMV Computers: http://mz12gt.com/?p=293


EMV Signal -> Converter Box -> ALR-1400 Controller -> 5.7" TFT


Signal Interpreter: www.arcadespareparts.com/arcade_parts/video_converter/rgb_jamma_vga_converter_board/13052.html

ALR-1400 LCD Controller: http://www.digitalview.com/products/alr-1400-tech-specs

LCD Display: http://www.sharp.net.au/cms/articles/439/files/LQ057V3DG02%20LED%20BL%20%28TL%29.PDF