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The Lost Art of Structure Packing

Link: http://www.catb.org/esr/structure-packing/

Abstract: Article on how structs are packed in C/C++

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Accelerate large-scale applications with BOLT

Link: https://code.fb.com/data-infrastructure/accelerate-large-scale-applications-with-bolt/

Abstract: Highly complex services, such as those here at Facebook, have large source code bases in order to deliver a wide range of features and functionality. Even after the machine code for one of these services is compiled, it can range from 10s to 100s of megabytes in size, which is often too large to fit in any modern CPU instruction cache. As a result, the hardware spends a considerable amount of processing time — nearly 30 percent, in many cases — getting an instruction stream from memory to the CPU. To address this issue, which is commonly known as instruction starvation, we have developed and deployed BOLT, a binary optimization and layout tool.

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C source code implementing k-means clustering algorithm

Link: http://homepages.cae.wisc.edu/~brodskye/mr/~ethan/kmeans/

Abstract: K-means clustering in C

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Google CPP Style Guide

Link: https://google.github.io/styleguide/cppguide.html#C++_Version

Abstract: How to write C++ according to Google.

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Technical PDF Collection

Link: https://github.com/tpn/pdfs

Abstract: Large collectio of PDFs on technical subjects.

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Struct Iteration through (Ab)use of the C Preprocessor

Link: https://natecraun.net/articles/struct-iteration-through-abuse-of-the-c-preprocessor.html

Abstract: Using X Macros to create a kind of type reflection in C.

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Handmade Math

Link: https://github.com/HandmadeMath/Handmade-Math

Abstract: A single-file, cross-platform, public domain game math library for C/C++.

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Kalman Filtering - A Practical Implementation Guide

Link: http://robotsforroboticists.com/kalman-filtering/

Abstract: A guide to Kalman filtering with C code.

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C Optimisation Tutorial

Link: http://www.it.uom.gr/teaching/c_optimization/tutorial.html

Abstract: Some observations on how to optimize C code.

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Chromium Mojo

Link: https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/master/mojo#Getting-Started-With-Mojo

Abstract: Mojo is a collection of runtime libraries providing a platform-agnostic abstraction of common IPC primitives, a message IDL format, and a bindings library with code generation for multiple target languages to facilitate convenient message passing across arbitrary inter- and intra-process boundaries.

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select / poll / epoll: practical difference for system architects

Link: https://www.ulduzsoft.com/2014/01/select-poll-epoll-practical-difference-for-system-architects/

Abstract: Exploration of the differences between select, poll and epoll.

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Simple implementations of Algorithms and Data Structures in C

Link: https://github.com/NikitaSkripchenko/Algorithms-and-DS-in-C

Abstract: C source code of Algorithms and Data structures.