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Requested Improvements

  • Make some Terms of Service. - Done
  • Allow log in with email or username. - Do Later
  • Remove time links - Done
  • After creating a project, some placeholder text/image would be helpful to explain what to do - Done
  • Investigate markup languages - Not Doing
  • Better description of what a project stage is - Done?
  • Ability to add a new stage immediately after you have added one - Done
  • Clarify "External Media" - Done
  • Deal with unsuccessful AJAX callbacks better - Done
  • Explain the Yo/No voting system better - Done
  • Explain the distinction between Comments and Questions - Done
  • Make it more obvious how to change the place holder icon - Done
  • Notices Link off Home Page
  • Make it so it is difficult to leave an editting page before you have saved your edit.
  • Spell checking in edits.
  • Make Publishing an article simpler.
  • Rethink images, icons and uploads.
  • Make it more obvious how to change your profile, or at least point out what the different segments refer to.
  • Rethink how to make category hierarchies. Allow users to own categories and maintain them.
  • Give stages status
  • Make it possible to re-order or highligh stages.


Look at using qtip for tooltips. http://craigsworks.com/projects/qtip/

None yet...