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Latest Stages

Added in functionality to have the Latest Project stages you have added displayed. This is visible to you on your homepage and visible to others as well.



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Comments and Questions

Comments and questions give you and others the ability to publicly discuss your Project and its stages. The reason for the difference between Comments and Questions is to allow the discussion to be more focussed. Often you will find that you would like to ask a Question about a Project, as opposed to just Commenting on it. If there is a Comment someone has placed on your Project, you can decide to move it to be a Question, or even delete it, if you don't think it is appropriate.


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Voting (Yo/No)

Voting on yojiko.com serves two purposes; it helps make the best content more visible (as projects and project stages with more votes percolate to the top), and helps you keep track of things you like.

  • Projects you have given a a "Yo" vote to will appear here: Yo Projects
  • Categories you have given a a "Yo" vote to will appear here: Yo Categories

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add a stage <- Click to add a Project Stage

What is a Project Stage?

A Project Stage is much like a blog post about a Project. It could be plans about what you want to accomplish next on your Project, or alternatively it could be the finished results of a part of work you have done. It can include photos, text, links, source code, etc...

Here are some examples:


Ideas for Improvements

Different types of Projects have different requirements in terms of what a Project Stage might entail. While trying to keep a Project Stage as generic as possible it would be good to be able to customize a stage.


  • Customizable formatting.
  • Generic and customizable states. E.g. Planning, In Progress, Completed, User Configurable.


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start a project <- Click to start a Project

What is a Project?

Pretty much anything can be a project. Consider a yojiko.com project as a blog about some endeavour you are undertaking. Here are some examples: